Tricky Questions

Welcome to our guide to the “Tricky Questions” sermon series for Growth Group leaders and members.

In these pages you will find all the information about the sermon series we are following from 7th January to 4th February 2018.  Each week we will be looking at a different question which might challenge our ideas and reveal our areas of agreement and disagreement.

A downloadable version of these pages is available here (word document).

The questions we are looking at are:

  1. Is the Bible trustworthy?
  2. What does Jesus really think about being gay?
  3. Does Jesus care about my pain?
  4. Surely you don’t think there is only one true religion?
  5. Hasn’t science disproved God?

In choosing to ask this series of questions we are making an intentional decision not to “play it safe”. We are approaching head-on five questions which we will be asked about in our daily lives when people know we are followers of Jesus.

What we are not intending to do, however, is to give a series of standard answers which form a St Boniface “party line” on all these issues. One of the things that make these questions tricky is that the answers tend to throw up even more questions. Between us, we expect to have different opinions and answers or even to end up with no definite answer.

Having said that, it is important that we understand what the teaching of the church is on these matters and we don’t end up inventing our own religion with teaching based on a few good ideas.

One of the things we might well experience is seeing each other disagree. There are good ways of disagreeing and bad ways of disagreeing and in this series we hope to model people disagreeing well.

So listen to one another, question one another and love one another. And enjoy wrestling with these tricky questions!

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