Do you like a good whodunit? Over Christmas there were many ranging from the slow gentle inquiry of Agatha Christie’s Jane Marple to the fast paced highly technical inquiry of the many Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Teams. One of the many lines of all the enquiries is who is, was, the dead person, how and when did they meet their death. When that has been established the enquiry can then proceed to identify who may have had the necessary method, motive and opportunity. Enter several red herrings who have two, or apparently all three of the attributes.

One of the episodes of Silent Witness that I watched over Christmas related to the deaths of several refugees who had been trafficked into England. These unfortunates had been robbed, beaten, separated from family and friends, been the victims of extortion; before, during or after their travels; and finally murdered or left to die.

Do we know any such people? Probably not. Should we care about such people? Yes as we should love our neighbour as ourselves. How are we to show love and care if we don’t know who these people are? It’s not as if we have come across the robbed, beaten traveller on the Jericho Road. The first way to show love is to pray, the second is to do whatever God tells you to do while you are praying. This may require you to give time or money or ability. Thirdly, if you should come across any refugees you treat them with love and compassion, remembering that Jesus himself was a refugee. Finally give all the help you can to those charged with upholding the law so that those who traffic people are brought to Justice. For “when justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” (Proverbs 21:15).

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