Walking back to Happiness


If you are over a certain age or have an interest in 1960’s popular music you may remember Helen Shapiro singing the song written by John Schroeder and Mile Hawker. The gist of which is that returning to her first love brings happiness.

The prodigal, aren’t we all, said he would arise and go to his father. So he set out and while he, like us, was a great way off his father ran towards him. We need to set out.

A copy of “We make the road by walking,” has been on my must read pile so long that it has now reached the bottom of the pile. Written by Brian McLaren and subtitled, “A year long quest for spiritual formation, reorientation and activation,” which is “an exploration of what it means to be alive in the way of Christ.” With the same idea that if you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat if you wish to follow the way you have to step out, placing one foot in front of the other unless you use a more exotic form of transport. While you’re out walking you can pray for the street as you walk along it, you can pray for the people you pass and you can reflect on that days bible reading. I met a lady some years ago who read her bible before she took the train up to town so she could meditate on the passage on the morning commute.

In addition to the spiritual benefits walking has several physical benefits. It is known that it:

  1. Helps you live longer
  2. Is good for your joints
  3. Helps you lose weight
  4. Prevents dementia
  5. Boosts Vitamin D
  6. Improves your mood

When you’ve reaped all those benefits I may share with you some of the insights gleaned from the book; as the phrase has it, “watch this space”.

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