The Prisoner

You may have seen that one of the many available television channels is going to re-show The Prisoner, the 1960’s drama staring Patrick McGoohan as the eponymous prisoner. It has acquired a select and dedicated following since its origin. The plots are convoluted and if you wish to know more ask “Google” (other search engines are available).

The prisoner was held as his former bosses wished to know why he had resigned from his job. Throughout the seventeen episodes he is constantly trying to leave the place of his incarceration, filmed at Portmeirion Village in North Wales, to find out who he is, he is not just a number (6), where he is and why he is there.

Jesus said that “The truth will set us free.”, which it will but we have to know two things. First that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, otherwise we are left scratching our heads, like Pontius Pilate and asking, “what is truth?” Secondly that in coming to Jesus we have to leave our former life behind. “Jesus said, “You cannot serve God and money”. St Paul takes it further, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Where does that leave us? Between a rock and a hard place? Take heart, if Jesus can escape from behind the rock that sealed the tomb he can certainly help you and me to avoid being trapped by a smaller rock. The Baptism service asks the candidate(s) “Do you renounce the deceit and corruption of evil?” The required answer is “I renounce them”, but in order to do so you first need to recognise that there is deceit. If the deception is successful those who are deceived are unaware that they have been duped.

History is littered with examples of those who were deceived from at least as far back as the Trojan Horse through “The man who never was” onto the attempts to persuade the Germans that it was the Pas de Calais and not Normandy in 1944. How are you going to avoid being deceived? Having a good friend who will tell you is one way. Who’s your friend? Jesus Christ the Righteous. “Do you turn to Christ? I Turn to Christ”

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