Jehovah, Jireh


Abraham called that place, The Lord will provide. Those of you who heard Tim Mills on Sunday a few weeks ago will have heard him witness to the wonderful provision of the Lord’s bounty in providing before they were even aware that there would be a need.

As you may have heard there is asbestos in the church roof, which as long as it stays there is no threat to anybody. However it will be better for all concerned if the asbestos is encapsulated so that it will stay in the roof. Number one expensive item. In addition the hall roof is in need of serious TLC. Number two expensive item. Together these exceed the church’s annual budget.

In addition there is the cost of removal of the asbestos from the tower, which has already happened, and there are other things than will make the building more friendly and which some would like to do, if only we had the money. As an example we could have new chairs, but that would cost up to £30,000 depending on quality, the number of chairs bought and the cost per chair. We have had an estimation for a similar figure for improving the lighting; we have had significantly lower estimations.

Please pray that the Lord will give wisdom to those who are seeking funding to ask the right people for the right amounts. Pray for wisdom for those who have to make decisions about priority. Pray that the Lord will provide.

The downside of the Lord’s provision is that He frequently asks us to lend a hand. Oh Dad, do I have to?

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