Getting Out On The Streets!

I feel that God is saying that we at St B’s should get out on the streets. There are two things that St B’s have done that have ‘especially’ impacted me. One was the Mug Project and the other Detached Work. The Mug Project was where we had mugs made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the church and delivered them to every home in the parish! The Detached Project was where teams from St B’s (and initially from the community) went on the streets to engage with people, to signpost people and to ‘loiter with intent’ and to build relationships with those who otherwise we might not meet.

The focus for next year at St B’s next will be ‘Love Your Neighbour’ – part of that is going to those neighbours we never have contact with. That is exactly what the Mug Project and Detached Work got us doing. Please pray about how we can next year bless our community in a way similar to the Mug Project (it might be an on going project where we bless our community over a longer period of time). Pray about getting on the streets with Detached Work.

One of the Outcomes of Jesus Shaped People was the call to:

Going to those on the edge!

We can’t reach those on the edge unless we are willing to move to the edge.

More to follow!

Big Blessings


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