Braybrook Street, East Acton, W12


The events that took place in Braybrook Street, 12 August 1966, shocked the nation and provoked one of the largest manhunts Britain had ever seen. The 50th anniversary this month, together with the murders of five Dallas and three Baton Rouge Police Officers, together with any others who may have died in the course of their duty since I went to press, makes me invite you to pray for those who, on a daily basis, put themselves in harms way to uphold the law, in particular our local beat officers, their Chief Constable, Dave Thompson, Q.P.M. and the local divisional commander, Chief Superintendent Christopher Todd. Pray also for Bob Jones, Police and Crime commissioner.


Quinton Police Team


Jeff Doak


Sharon Brain
Sarah Cookson
Alan Hendy
Marie Morley
Louise Parsons
Paul Whithead

Support Officers

Glen Moore
Scott Ohrenn
Sarah Swift

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