Are we there yet?

A plaintive cry often from the back seat of a car. One of the reasons the question is asked at all is that the enquirer has no idea how long the journey is expected to take even if they know where they are going e.g. Grandma’s house. The average length of journey before this question is asked is, so I’m told, two hours and therefore to avoid the question you should try to arrange journeys so the maximum travel between stops is less than two hours. Of course if the motorway comes to a shuddering halt all bets are off.

John Newton wrote, “We are not in the land of the living waiting to join the dead; we are in the land of the dying waiting to join the living.” So if I ask you the same question you should know where you are going even if you have no idea of how long it may be until you arrive, “[for] about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven.” For some of us it may be weeks or months for others although you may be past retirement age there is no reason you may not have a decade or more, did I hear someone say, “perish the thought?” Thomas Ken wrote, “Live this day as if ’twere thy last” others have expanded this to say that of course eventually one day you will be correct. We know that we haven’t arrived, but like a former railway commercial said: “We’re getting there.”

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