Community Minibus: Conditions of Use

The minibus is primarily for the benefit of St. Boniface Church groups but will be available to the local Quinton community through religious, educational and sports organisations. St. Boniface Church reserves the right to refuse any booking from any groups wishing to have use of the vehicle.

For further information please contact the booking secretary, Lorraine Lampon on

Driver requirements and responsibilities

1. Drivers must be aged 25 years and over, and held a full clean driving license for a minimum period of 2 years.

2. All drivers must meet Group 2 medical standard.

3. Towing of a trailer will be by prior approval of the St. Boniface booking secretary, and by drivers holding, as a minimum, a D2 category on their license.

4. All drivers, both for St. Boniface groups and external groups, are driving on a voluntary basis and not for gain.

5. All drivers are required to be registered on the St. Boniface drivers register. The relevant ‘Driver Registration Document’ is to be completed and returned to the booking secretary a minimum of two weeks before the drivers first use.

6. Any/all changes to a driver’s license i.e. speeding points etc. have to be declared to the booking secretary .This information will be shared with the company who insures the vehicle. It will be the insurance company’s decision which determines suitability for a person to remain on the drivers register.

7. In the event of any accident occurring, it will be the responsibility of the group using the minibus at the time of the accident, who will be liable to cover the insurance excess level of £300. As with all standard fully comprehensive insurance policies it will be the responsibility of our insurers to endeavour to ‘claim back’ from any third party this excess in the event of the accident having been caused by others.

8. The minibus will only be available for use by groups external to St. Boniface dependent on vehicle booking availability. All bookings should be made through the booking secretary , using the relevant ‘Booking Form’ or by email.

9. All group drivers must meet the requirements as specified in sections 1 to 8 above.

10.All user groups are required to make a donation towards the vehicle running costs and expenses. The levels of donation are specified on the form ‘Donation rates for use of St. Boniface Minibus’ and also shown on the ‘Minibus Booking Form’.

11. A vehicle inspection check list to is to be completed before departure and also upon return by the driver and the key holder. It is also the responsibility of the driver to complete the ‘Mileage Log’ which is kept on the vehicle.

12. The vehicle is to be returned in a clean condition both internally and externally or future use could be in jeopardy.

13. All accident damage must be noted on an accident report form, to be found in the vehicle folder, and reported to the booking secretary.

14. A reasonable notification period is requested in the event of cancellation of a booking.

15. St. Boniface Church will not be held responsible or liable in the event of any claim for any item being carried on this vehicle being lost, stolen or damaged.

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