Arise and Kapumpe, Zambia

Tim and Gemma Mills served as missionaries in Zambia from January 2010 to April 2016. During their time overseas they established a project called “Arise” for more than 150 orphans and vulnerable children and founded Kapumpe Christian Primary School on ground adjoining Kaniki Bible University College (KBUC) in Ndola.

The school opened in January 2014 and has 4 classes of pupils – A preschool and grades 1, 2 and 3.  The school was built to meet the needs of the local community and gives priority to children from ‘Arise’.  The school has been able to use a wealth of resources, funded or sent from the UK, to provide engaging and stimulating teaching methods.  While the school began with mostly volunteer teachers from the UK, each year it has been able to train and equip Zambians to take on important roles throughout the school – it now has 5 Zambian teachers and just 3 UK volunteers.  The aim has increasingly become for Zambian staff to be the main class teachers with volunteer teachers from the UK in support of them or in ‘mentoring’ roles.

Tim and Gemma returned to the UK in April 2016 with their two young children, Abigail and Hannah.  They were pleased to have completed many of the crucial first stages in building Kapumpe and believe both Arise and the school have a sustainable future.  They were amazed by God’s grace in providing volunteers and Zambians (including a possible future Zambian head for the school) who could continue the projects.  Tim and Gemma are grateful for the support of St Boniface – prayer, finance, sending teams to help with the work etc – and hope that people will continue to support the work in Zambia even as they begin a new life in the UK.

For more up-to-date information and pictures check out the Facebook pages and one of our teachers’ blogs:

A video about the work being done at Kapumpe School can be found here.

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